Saturday, 24 October 2015

Walking on Water

Thirty Nine, 39, yes tomorrow Craig will be ever creeping closer to the big FOUR ZERO. Since he will be heading back to Kenya tomorrow, Necia decided to have a pancake afternoon around the pool.

So friends and family squeezed their vehicles into Craig and Necia’s driveway and had a whale of a time around the pool. Of course I managed to get some converts to the savoury mince and condense milk wrapped in pancakes. Yummy!

Craig even tried his hand at walking on water and of course the judges thought very little of his feeble attempt.

The judges score is final...
Anika – Disqualified;
Nicole – Disqualified;
Brendon – Disqualified;
Gary – 0;
and for the Invisible man (dressed wearing only shoes and nothing else), well he gave a full 10 points.

1 comment:

Gary said...

Love the invisible man observation!

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