Friday, 6 March 2015

Kiss My Bass

Matthew and I went over to Gary and Anika's home to pick up a "Dying Light" poster and t-shirt for Matthew and at the same time admire the new gas stove that they installed. Well Gary's dad Derek, shown here with Gary had to do some kitchen remodelling just to fit this monster in. As you can see Oom Derek is wearing his "Kiss My Bass" t-shirt whereas logic leads us to believe that Gary is still in mourning as he refuses to remove his "Enter the Vulcan" t-shirt since Spock exited planet earth last Friday.

Now they will be cooking with gas and no Eskom incompetency will stop them having a warm meal every night. While getting my cellphone out to take this photo of a rare sighting of two men standing in a kitchen, I accidently triggered the camera to speed fire. Although most were blurry, this one below stood out above the rest. I'll think I should call it "Vulcan in Motion".

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