Thursday, 21 September 2017

Opposite of Vertigo

"Whoa what just happened!" screamed my mind as I put on my new glasses this morning. Looking straight ahead I was fine but when I was walking in the mall back to my car from the optometrist, it looked like I had no legs.

Looking down, the floor looked so much closer that I felt like I was just a ball with feet sticking out. Oh like those Mr Men characters. It felt like vertigo but without the height issue as I felt that I was right down low on the ground that I could just reach out and touch the floor. "What happened to my height?"

The opposite of vertigo is stability and I didn’t feel like I was stable but I was not dizzy or spinning either. The closest I could come to this feeling is from way back in my youth, after drinking too much and while lying in bed, you would put a foot on the floor to stop the room from spinning. Yeah my feet were firmly on the ground but I was way too close to the floor.

"Welcome to the little people’s world, Jerome!"

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