Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Donald Trump

Poor Paddington, our kitten, who is only 10 months old, yet has grown to be our biggest cat and the bully in our home. Forget Georgie Porgie chasing the girls, Paddy is the skirt chaser here, out late at night and coming and going as he pleases. I sometimes wonder if he is not be fit to be called even a cat, as he is often out running with the big dogs.

Maybe we should have called this ginger cat Donald, after the United State’s President, Donald Trump, because POTUS has nearly an identical character as this kitten who thinks he is a dog. Funny as I type up this post, Paddy has passed out on my desk between me and the keyboard, half on his back with his noise buried deep in my armpit, eyes rolled back and somewhere in dream world. Yip I smelt, it doesn’t stink before you jump to conclusions, as I just had a shower.

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