Friday, 8 September 2017

Not looking Good

About a month back while dog proofing one of the side gates in the garden, I dropped my glasses and they cracked. I have been putting getting them replaced for a while now until yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, during a computer break I sat on the couch in the games room and must have fallen asleep. I awoke about an hour later, made some coffee and went straight back to work not realising that I had fallen asleep with my glasses on and they had come off.

When I use the computer I don’t wear glasses as I am short sighted and my glasses are made for TV, driving, and looking at anything further away, so I never missed them until I walked pass the couch and saw them lying on the floor. Excuse the pun but they weren’t looking so good.

So today it was off to the optometrist to order a new pair of glasses but first she wanted to test my eyes, as if I am not good looking enough already. Anyways here is the lens correction reading from the phoroter to show that I am not that bad as a far sighted person goes, that is if you can read the phoroter.

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