Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Drive by Shoot

What a long day. I had to pick up Matthew from Gautrain's Marlboro station after work which means I needed to take the pickup instead of the Vespa. Going by vehicle meant that I had to leave at 6am this morning and leave work at 6pm to pick Matthew up at 6:30pm.

After a long long long day at work, I arrived at Marlboro to find the station all closed up. The security guards would not even speak to me, it took a shack dweller next door to come across to tell me that the Gautrain staff are on strike. The train does not stop here any more only Sandton.

I had to phone Matthew and tell him to go past Marlboro and get off at Sandton, I'll meet him there. So off I drove back to Sandton.

Finally I had Matthew safely in the pickup and we were off towards home but on the way we past this veldt on the side of the road on fire. So we had a drive by photo shoot. I was just tired and wanted to get home and crash, so drive by would have to do.

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