Friday, 3 August 2018

Palm Sunrise

Now this is a sight that I haven't seen in a long time, a sunrise. I am normally still in bed having my quiet time and here I am. I just left home and this beauty of the one eyed sun peering over the ridge just made me stop in my tracks and enjoy the faint fingers of light try find me.

God in all His glory just filled me about now, my face turned to the soft warmth as the world was painted orange. It is going to be a beautiful day.

Earlier, much earlier while still in bed having my quiet time, much earlier than usual, I shared this message on my groups...

Happy Friday.  Yes I know it is the new month and everybody is running around like headless chickens. You know what, this week was the splat moment in my life when I hit the ground at terminal velocity but as I was about to go splat, a hand appeared and caught me, not the Maradona hand of god, but the real hand of God.

At the moment when I closed my eyes waiting for impact, I felt this inner peace and calmness.

For those who don't me, I am a Christian and I don't know where each one of you are so sorry for you, you getting it now. Happy Friday, yay! 

So when your world is falling apart around you, I'm going to leave you with this BOW.

B= Bow before your God. Bring yourself before the cross and know that Jesus the Messiah is God and that He loves you.

O= Offload your angst at the cross. Humbly hold each thought up to the Word of God. Take your worry, your anxiety, your fear, your unbelief, your anger and bring them to the Lord.  Lay them at the feet of Jesus. Humble yourself before Him. 

W= Worship the Lord. Fix your eyes upon Him. Let there be a new song on your lips. Praise the almighty God who is a good good father and a great God. Take your eyes off of yourself and off of your circumstances and set them securely upon your Lord. Enter His gates with thanksgiving and come into His courts with praise. Thank Him from the bottom of your heart. Humbly acknowledge that you can't see all things, but He can. Worship Him in the spirit of holiness, praising and thanking God because He knows what is best. He is all powerful. He is in control. He knows what He is doing. No one can stay His hand. And He has you in the palm of that mighty hand.

Wow that was long. Okay to finish up. I'll leave you with today's verse... 

I don’t depend on my own strength to accomplish this; however I do have one compelling focus: I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead. I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the heavenly goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.
Philippians 3:13‭-‬14 The Passion 

Enjoy your Friday and don't forget to BOW

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