Thursday, 5 April 2018

Iced Margarita

It is Lynda's birthday and I left early from the Rand Show so that we could go out for a celebratory dinner. we wanted to try something different and I thought about this steak house that I saw at the Retail Crossing at Little Falls. Driving there Lynda was telling me that last night Heidi from her work went to dinner at a franchise restaurant called Mo-Zam-Bik. She gave it a good review, so I said to Lynda that if this steak house didn't look good than there is a Mo-Zam-Bik on Beyers Naudé.

When we arrived at the place where this steak house was we discovered it closed down and replaced by, you guessed it Mo-Zam-Bik. The choice was made, happy birthday dear, as she raises her iced margarita. Although we had a nice dinner at Mo-Zam-Bik, I found the decor and the atmosphere a bit bland, and could fit into any corporate canteen. It needs to go a long way to compete with the likes of La Rosa, a Mexican restaurant. 

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