Sunday, 15 April 2018

Rocks in their Heads

A week back the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens informed us that raw sewerage was flowing over the waterfall into the gardens below. Andreas went to inspect a previous problem area and sure enough there was a sewerage leak. The relevant officials were informed at the City of Johannesburg and they promised that it would be seen too.

But bad news kept coming in from the Botanical Gardens, the sewerage is continuing to flow into the gardens. To date the Department of Sanitation has NOT being able to reach the source of the sewerage leak due to the area being overgrown with brambles. This means sewerage has being flowing into Botanical Gardens now for over a week. This morning Andreas noticed sewerage further upstream from this leak so after phoning me, we planned a hike into the gorge this afternoon to search for the source of this spillage.

I can't get the horror of what we found out of my mind, a waterfall of pure $#!T was overflowing from a manhole and into the stream that runs through the gorge and down into the Botanical Gardens. How long has this waterfall of raw sewerage being flowing? On the video you can hear the water of sewerage which once you realise that it is not a lovely waterfall but pure filth, you just want to throw up. After an urgent message on our Conservation WhatsApp group with an location pin, Mogale City sprang into action and was there within the hour to unblock the sewer.

Wow I am very impressed with Mogale City as it was late Sunday afternoon yet they were ready to get their hands dirty and stop this waterfall of $#!T. The sad news is that it was discovered that someone had removed the manhole cover and filled the sewer with rocks. ROCKS? So someone deliberately blocked the sewer line and cause unimaginable damage to the environment. They must have rocks in their heads. Later on I was informed that blocking a sewer line in this manner was a common practice used to mine the waste for valuables that were flushed down the drain.

This area is vulnerable and needs to be protected at all costs.

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Anonymous said...

Raw sewerage also flows from Featherbrooke Estate into the Crocodile River every time after heavy rain, due to routing of domestic-sourced storm water into the sewage system. Mogale City is fully aware of this but has taken no action.

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