Saturday, 14 April 2018

Naeem and Meagan

I just had to take a photo of Naeem and Meagan. I met this lovely couple at the Rand Show last week and we just hit it off. After an expat stint in Germany they are back in the country and will be moving into their new apartment at the end of this month hence they came to see what was available. They bought a couch from me but after quite some time could not finalise the final choice of couch, fabric, and colour so they decided to pop into the showroom this weekend and hopefully come to some decision on what to get.

Come to a decision, uhmmm 3 hours later after changing many times, they finally came to an agreement between them of what couch to get, the fabric, and colour. It was a big decision but I know that they made the right choice as the Bebe 5 seater corner couch is a favourite as it is very comfortable. Meagan and Naeem don't forget the house warming party.


Meagan Kruger said...

Hey! That is me..😀

Jerome West said...

Stalking now, are we? Glad you like your photo.

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