Saturday, 21 April 2018

Bruno Found

I am tired, no exhausted as I sit here and write this post. Yesterday afternoon I arrived back from a quiet morning at the showroom, to join Andreas once again on a quest to find the source of the sewerage leak. It was a hike down into the veld with grasses that were taller than me, and I am not slouch when it comes to height.

I was tired when I got home. I had just taken my shoes off when I heard the dogs getting all excited with someone or something in the veld outside our home. On investigation I saw a brown looking Labrador type dog disappearing into the distance all alone. I whistled and it stopped, turned and looked at me for a while before turning back around and disappearing over a small ridge.

Going back into my home, I remembered seeing a post on our Roodekrans Neighbourhood Watch WhatsApp group about a missing dog. Sure enough after checking my phone, a Labrador named Bruno went missing during that awful weather the night before. I informed the Ops Room that I saw a dog in the veld that matches the description of Bruno. The owner Cindy was in no ticks at my home and in the veld calling, and calling. It seems that the dog went towards the high cliffs that over shadowed the gorge.

Cindy not knowing our area was not sure where to go next. So I took her to the abandoned house that over looked the cliffs. We called and whistled for Bruno and in the wind we heard what sounded like a dog in distress. Now I was not sure what to do as light was starting to fade but I could see the panic in Cindy's eyes so I made a discussion to take her into the gorge knowing full well that it would be a race against time as darkness was closing in. I let the Roodekrans Neighbourhood Watch know that I was going in with Cindy and dived straight into the abyss.

Along the way we met pilgrims, which we diligently asked about Bruno, and nothing. Light was about gone when we turned around empty handed with Cindy nearly in tears of not finding Bruno but we had to get ourselves safely out of the gorge before search parties are sent in to find us. It was pitch back when we emerged from the mouth of the gorge, to find a CPF Sector 8 forming a search party to go in after us. Sadly we went back to our homes empty handed with a promise to continue the search tomorrow.

About half past 10 last night, my dogs started to get excited again, someone or Bruno was in the veld outside my home. Everytime I went to investigate, who ever it was moved away only to come back later. Just before midnight Cindy came round to check if it wasn't Bruno that was getting my dogs all worked up and sure enough we had a happy reunion.

Now I find myself tired after all that commotion last night. I need a good nights rest.

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