Sunday, 18 February 2018

New Water Meter

Wow, the Joburg Water has strange times. We reported a problem with our old water meter as how can we use R11,000 worth of water in 1 month without even a water leak. After reporting the leak, they sent out a team to check our water meter, they arrived just a little over 22h00 on a Saturday night. The lady foreman was barefeet and soaking wet. She said that she just came from a bad water leak that they just repaired and all her clothes are wet including her shoes.

After a visual inspection they said that there was nothing that they could see wrong with our meter and that if we wanted to get it tested, we had to pay R3,400 and the Joburg Water will take out the old meter, put in the new type of meter, which our entire street has except us, and have the old one tested.

We paid the amount to the City of Joburg and this Sunday afternoon they came and installed the new one, and took the old one away for testing.

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