Friday, 16 February 2018

Battle of the Bulge

Eish what more can happen? I needed to go up to Pretoria to fetch Matthew for the weekend with my Vespa since my pickup was still at the panel beaters, I got a SMS stating that my pickup was was now in the striping department after it was moved to this panel beater in Florida from my insurance company's yard.

Firstly I needed fuel and rode to the neareat petrol station but on the way I heard this doff doff sound which I wasn't too sure about. After fulling up I put the bike up on the centre stand and was revving up the engine trying to see where the sound was coming from, it was then that I saw the bulge in the rear tyre.

Oh no, just why me? well I can be ever so thankful that I heard the sound, investigated, and found what could be the problem before I hit the highway. Having a rear wheel blow out on a bike at speed is like riding a wild fish. Not as deadly as having the front tyre go but it shakes so much that all you can do is hold on and somehow slow down while avoiding any obstacles like cars. This has happened a few times to me while riding my Vespa but thank the Lord, that it didn't happen again. Now to somehow get money for a new rear tyre.

Give me strength to say "It is well with my soul".

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