Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Hump Day

Midweek, hump day, not quite Friday. Ahhhh and stretch, Paddy showing how it is done. For a little security you can just hold onto daddy's foot. I am not sure how I am doing after my bad start. It looks like Discovery Insure has somehow lost my pickup. They arranged to have it towed to get assessed for the fire and it is not where it is supposed to be.

Another problem which is on top of my mind is Belgium Campus ITversity where Matthew is. They now have had 3 serious incidents of thieves coming onto the property where the residences are. From what I have been told, the first incident was 18 January, thieves held a few female students hostage, the second was night Matthew moved into res, the 23 January and took over 800 laptops. I received an email from the University on the Wednesday after the second incident reassuring us the parents and informing us of the new security measures that they going to put in place. Now Saturday night, Matthew said he didn't hear a thing as he was in his room, but thieves again got onto the property and this time shot at one of the students who luckily survived. Oh dear it is now beyond me what else can go wrong.

Paddy just hold onto my foot.

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