Thursday, 7 May 2015

Fat Cat Fight

We live on a plot surrounded by grass veldt on three sides and the Jukskei River on the forth. Our last place had lions nearby and we heard their primeval roars at night but this place has Black Backed Jackals which try constantly to get into our double fenced property. At night we hear their frustration as they call out to other pack members after another failed raid on our homestead.

Along with the Jackal issue there is a cat in the area and few weeks back security cameras caught this photograph of this very fat beige tom cat outside the perimeter of the smallholding. This cat is in the same area of veldt where our cats tend to go. Being so fat it can’t be feral but the nearest property is way over 500m away.

At first light we let Minky out as we keep her inside at night due to the Jackals and that she likes to roam the veldt. It wasn’t long after we let Minky out this morning when we heard a cat fight from the veldt along with snarls. Fearing the worst as Minky is very light weight compared to the Jackals and this fat cat.

Rushing into the veldt at first light in the fresh winter’s air in your pyjamas is not cool but a shock to the system. Anyway our sudden appearance on the scene flushed out a German Shepherd dog who was fleeing the scene and this so called fat cat. We called and called for Minky but she didn't return and we feared the worst. It was only after we headed back to the warmth of the cottage did she return to show us her fresh cat fight scars. We can only hope she said to us while licking her wound was "this is nothing, you should have seen the other cat"

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