Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Kick Myself

Yesterday as I arrived home, the landlord phones me to inform that the plumber is going to come round today at 8am to finally fix the water issues at home. Okay this means I needed to stay at home and get to work a bit late but no worries.

8 am past, then so did 9 am, and at 10 I phoned the landlord to let him know that I can’t wait forever and I need to get to work sometime. The landlord phoned the plumber and got back to me that he was on Ceder road heading towards my home. The plumber finally arrived just before half past ten, :-(

Well let’s be positive, the plumber is here now so let gets these issues out of the way. Since he was here last week Friday, we still did not have hot water in kitchen, the wash machine was not getting any water, the broken back door, and the water pressure. Not much but when you can’t clean the kitchen up it does become an issue.

Not long afterwards all the issues where fixed, well so I thought... best to let you read my conversation with Lynda what went down.

Glad to say all is now fixed, not 100% but liveable even after kicking myself.

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