Saturday, 30 May 2015

Quack Quack

After a late morning start which was caused by sleeping in because we deserved it and because it was cold last night and who wants to get going if you nice and snug.

By early afternoon we ended up at Brightwater Commons to buy a cell phone cover at the flea market there. This place is sure going downhill even after the change from Randburg Waterfront to the Brightwater Commons has not saved it.

In the middle is the flea market with cheap Chinese goods, on the one side is the anchor shop of a small Pick ‘n Pay supermarket, and the other is the skate board park. On this side most of the shops have been boarded up. Sad but the trend is to still build more malls.

Anyway we had lunch there at one of the restaurants, and between the bees, cigarette smoke, and noisy children running between the tables play catch, not much was going for the ambiance except watching mommy duck trying to keep control of her paddle of ducklings, quack quack.

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