Saturday, 3 January 2015

Giraffe for Lunch

No we were not eating giraffe for lunch, but Mr Giraffe came over for lunch while we were taking a break at the Neck and Deck just outside The Lion and Rhino Park. Yes I know that there are strong allegations about The Lion and Rhino Park association with canned lion hunting. This park like many similar parks that breed lions in captivity for the tourists have this dark void when it comes to what happens to the lions once they too big to be petted by tourists. Many try to hide their hunting involvement by claiming that they are engaged in scientific research. These excuses sounds a little too close to Japan’s response on whaling.

Anyway to the giraffe that joined us for lunch, while it was nice that he joined us and all the tourists oooh’d and aaaah’d, I did notice that the lack of natural foliage for the giraffes. Yes there were a few large trees in the compound next to our watering hole but the leaves were stripped bare by the giraffes up to the height they could reach. Thankfully further back there were some teff hanging in some feed nets from the branches. I wish that there would be more veld trees for them other than the horse pellets that the tourists used to entice the giraffes closer to feed out of their hands.

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