Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tiger Wheel & Tyre

Well it is about time I replaced the pot hole damaged tyre on Sassette, my Ford Bantam pickup. At first I went to Supa Quick in Krugersdorp and HiQ in Roodepoort but sadly they didn't have the Michelin tyres I wanted and both wanted to flog me a South Korean brand called Kumho.

I eventually found the Michelin Energy XM2 at Tiger Wheel & Tyre in Roodepoort. Although this tyre is more expensive, the reason I rather have this tyre over others is because I've already used this tyre for over 3 years and am very happy with the tread usage. On the down side, the sales blurb on Michelin websites they state that this tyre have proven themselves in pothole tests nevertheless I have already written off 2 of these tyres in the last 3 years due to potholes. Goes to show, never believe the sales pitch.

Potholes beware! This time I have registered on Michelin.co.za for their 12 month Pothole Guarantee. And that’s not all! Michelin is also giving me a 70,000km Mileage Warranty valid for 5 years. Plus a 24hr Roadside Assistance. Well let’s see if Michelin would hold up to their side of this agreement as I have already in the pass burnt my fingers with warranties and guarantees when I first bought these tyres from Tiger Wheel & Tyre. They pushed their X-Sure, Tyre Insurance 3 years ago and I purchased. Humph, it expired last month.

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