Saturday, 5 April 2014

Smile Hands on Spa

It is Lynda's birthday and yesterday I had booked a treatment at the Hands on Spa. It was a surprise which she didn’t expect until we stood in front of the receptionist and heard me say that we here for her booking.

For two hours, Lynda was pampered and all her stress from the year so far, massaged out of her in tranquil surroundings. I waited in the tea room, a little disappointed that they didn't have a large range of desserts, oh well it supposed to be a health spa but I too like to be mollycoddled.

Lynda walked out feeling like a queen with a big smile and all pampered up. Thank you Hands On.

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Gwen said...

Well done Jerome, and how romantic!

Hands On is a divine spa, I'm sure Lynda enjoyed every second of her pampering!

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