Saturday, 18 January 2014

Stepping Stones to Past Times

When the path ahead changes from smooth to rocky, then altogether fades, we still need to put one foot ahead of the other and keep moving forward.

On this hot morning, Lynda and I went to Nicola's Nursery in Northumberland and after crossing these stepping stones found a quaint tea garden tucked away in the back. Past Times, was filled with butterflies fluttering around and had these nooks and tuck away tables. We enjoyed sitting under a leafy tree away from the bustle of life while sipping on virgin cocktails. The path seemed far away, for now, as we rested in this garden.

Interesting though it wasn't that busy but at the entrance to the tea garden was a sign that stated "Past Times. Sorry, :-( we are too busy right now. Come back in 20 mins :-)" Busy or not on this journey that we on, I think stopping at Past Times' garden is a must.

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