Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shy Kalinga

After another long day at work, I went over to Ann's home for sushi and wine. And here in Ann's lounge was this stunning painting that she bought when she was in the Philippines of a shy Kalinga woman. I never heard of this ethic group Kalinga until today. The Kalingas are a shy people who live in a small landlocked province of the same name on the Luzon Island of the Philippines. It is a powerful painting of a shy Kalinga woman and I was compelled to take a photograph.


Momcat said...

Its a painting of contrasts, the happiness of the girl despite the poverty of her surroundings. You dont have to be surrounded by wealth and material items in order to be happy.

Jerome West said...

So true Catwoman. It is a rather large painting and it jumped out at me. I searched for some photos of Kalinga women and a number of them had the women peering from behind something as if they were shy of the camera.

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