Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rising the Dead

It is that time again when the ghouls rise up from the dead and walk from the cemetery to Melville for some beers. Who said Zombies like brains?

Empire Tattoos held their 6th Zombie Walk for charity and it was a record turnout for the Zombies and press. Along with the few Joburg Photowalkers who could get time off work, there was Top TV with a film crew, the Star Newspaper photographer plus quite a few professional togs. But it was all for Marang House. There is one photograph in my album of a little girl from Marang House who only got her new donated kidney last week and today she was walking with the Zombies.

Click here to see the Rising the Dead (2012 Album), Zombies Shuffle (2011 Album, and Nom Nom Nom (2010 Album). Enjoy but remember not for sensitive viewers.

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