Sunday, 16 September 2012

Interesting Day

Today started like any other Sunday. I had many things to do and all overlap each other. What to choose, where to go? A Vespa ride to the Festival Italiano was high on my list but eventually a dog walk at Delta Park won as the expected rain didn't faze the dogs.

After the dog walk, the clouds were lifting so I went home for lunch and to plan the rest of the day. It was in the planning stage that a friend whom I only met yesterday started chatting with me online and after some fascinating developments they came over for the afternoon which turned out to include the evening. This was an interesting day.

So the photo of the day is of Skye my Whippet, all excited about his walk, was running up the steps with one of his toys.


Momcat said...

So glad you had an interesting day with walking the dogs and meeting up with a new friend. Sounds like a great Sunday!

Jerome West said...

I'll wait for more comments before replying :-P

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