Saturday, 1 September 2012

Homeless Animals Day

Forget Spring Day, we now have a more important day, the Homeless Animals Day. Last weekend it was Barking Mad, today it was Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre's turn to get some love. Teaching my dogs the fundamental basics of helping those who can't help themselves is so important. Yes, I know that I have four wonderful dogs with great pedigrees but right now out there, there are hundreds of animals in abused situations and also in shelters waiting for their forever home.

Today the Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre, in Vaalbank east of Pretoria, held their Homeless Animals Day and my pack of Patch, Maxy, Skye, Jade, and I joined hundreds of others for a fun day at the shelter. We took on the 4.5 km walk along this soft sandy road and my dogs really enjoyed sniffing and greeting all the other dogs with many "Ag mama, kyk na daar pragtige windhonde". While we sat on the lawn watching the Rehabilitation Awards, somebody just dumped a pitbull, who had being in a terrible fight, off at the gate. I wanted a photo to show you what people do to dogs but just couldn't get there in time so you have to do with this photo of some volunteers wanting photos with my doggies, for R5 which went to the shelter.

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre, like Barking Mad believes in the Right to Life and will love and care for an animal until a Forever Home is found for them, no matter how long it takes. And that is why they need our help even if we don't have space for any more animals as we can sponsor a kennel for as little as R150 per month (about $15). In actual fact don't worry about it if it is too much money, as any amount will go a long way at your nearest animal rescue centre. Help them save a life today.

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