Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fever Season

I had a terrible fever all through the night and woke up with my bed soaking wet from the sweat. Oh dear, now I have to wash the sheets again. Anyway I was fine for the whole morning then by high noon, the fever was back with vengeance. But to help me sleep later I had to drag myself out of bed to walk the dogs. Luckily Lynda came round to make sure I was alright and to nurse me back to health.

Now Lynda doesn't like her photograph to be taken so here she is walking my dogs at the bottom of the garden with me dragging my feet. I really needed to sun and my dogs needed to stretch their legs. The fever is back again so I take some pills and head to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Im happy you had some company as you tried to throw off your sickness. What a lovely area for a walk!

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