Friday, 20 April 2012

Prince of Dogs

And finally, Maxy the last dog of my pack and the first Italian Greyhound that I got. Maxy is a prince amongst dogs, it is the way he holds himself, he has this royal feel about him and I think he knows it. It is his gait, the way he walks, canters, trots and gallops just like an Arabian horse, it is awe inspiring just to watch.

I have had many offers to buy Maxy for hunting or racing as Maxy has this aggressive streak of hunting down the biggest dog in the park and asserting his authority. In a way all the offers are worrisome as it is known that these dogs get stolen often which makes us always on guard for suspicious lurkers around the plots. So with the evenings getting colder at the onset of winter, here is Maxy posing in the last rays of sun with his Kingdom spread before him. All hail Prince Maxy.

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