Thursday, 16 February 2012

Summer Storm in Johannesburg

About half past three in the afternoon, a summer storm hit Parktown with such force. Looking outside our office windows, visibility was down to 20 metres. This meant that I had to wait the storm out while Sophia, my Vespa, was nice and snug in under cover. As sudden as the storm came, it disappeared two hours later. Once the weather lifted about five thirty or so I took the gap and headed for home. But soon I was riding through Armageddon of Parktown, Killarney, Forest Town and Saxonwold. Every Jacaranda tree had limbs ripped off and flung in the road. This tree in Killarney, although not a Jacaranda, took most of the damage.

The seemed to have been a very localized storm because when I inched my way towards the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, signs of the devastation became less and less to such an extent that arrived home to a bone dry suburb of Treesbank. Oh well, I better water my garden.

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