Thursday, 27 October 2011

Third Dilemma

Poor Sophia, my Vespa, this is the third incident to befall her. The first was late in 2009 when the vehicle in front of us suddenly stopped without brake lights. The stopping distance was acerbated by the wet road and we came to abrupt stop centimeters away from the vehicle with Sophia on her side and my foot.

The second incident was last August on the ice roads of Sani Pass. I stopped to help Magda and left Sophia standing with her engine still running on some hardened ice. I returned to find her on her side and some kind person turned off her motor. Nice didn't even try pick her up while she was down. There is a pun in there somewhere I am sure.

And today's... while Dilemma, sorry Malema, and his wiff-wrath started their long match to Pretoria; I was attempting to squeeze Sophia pass a badly parked BMW and a concrete column on my way to find lunch. And the column won :-( So while hordes were falling by the wayside with heat exhaustion, I wanted to kick someone's door in. Not a good citizen I was in my mind. I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

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