Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Shoe Fetish

"How to be rich", is what we doing in home cell at the moment. It is a series by Andy Stanley which really opens our eyes to how blessed we really are. I did a search on google on this exact phrase "How to be rich" and on the first page alone there was mostly How to Be Rich - Get Simple Tips On Personal Finance, Warren Buffett's 10 Ways To Get Rich, How to Get Rich - A Guide to Getting Rich, How to Get Rich - wikiHow, How to Become Rich, How to Become As Rich As Bill Gates, How to be Rich, Happy and Free from Scams and How to be rich fast.

As you can see you can find plenty of advice on how to get rich but where do I learn how to be rich. I will leave with you tonight the question which made me really think and a photo of discovering Sandy's shoe fetish... "Which one of these two would make you more anxious? A. Finding out that there is no God or B. Finding out that you have no money."

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Jackie said...

Quite a challenge. Do I trust enough to want God to be first? In theory yes, practically ???

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