Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Is the world ending?

The Great Sani Pass Vespa Adventure
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Day Five: Is the world ending?

Waking up after a beautiful sleep in a clean warm room at the Camelroc Guest Farm was just wonderful. It felt great to be back, that was until I logged onto the internet. After been away for over 4 days on the Roof of Africa only to come back to find London burning. I could not believe what I was reading. Was this Egypt all over again but this time in the UK? I quickly put on the television to watch SkyNews showing horrific scenes of hooligan teenagers running riot in London while the police stand helpless or in shock. I am not sure if it just looting or some kind of entertainment for the unemployed youth.

With the large contingency of unemployed youth in South Africa, I am concerned. But as for right now I am just happy to back in civilization even if it is a bit muddy.

Here's to our next great Vespa adventure.

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