Sunday, 29 May 2011

War Togs

Down the rabbit's hole I followed the white rabbit, not knowing that I would end up at Jumper's Lair with paintballs whizzing past me. Jumper's Lair in Edenvale is owned by Maddog aka Darren. They had teams as far as Potchefstroom at a paintball PBC 5 man tournament which Sandor and I tried our hand at war games photography. The team Strike Force won the tournament with Hell Jumpers coming second and Roughnecks third. Being a photographer in the middle of war games can be quite daunting sometimes. A number of times I found a contestant lying in cover just in front of me, knowing that fire will be aimed in his direction soon and you behind him. I don't think this comes close to real war photographers but I got a sense of the adrenaline rush they must get when rounds whizz past you while you dive for cover with your camera in hand.

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F-Stop said...

Cool comment Jerome. Very well expressed.

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