Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sophia in the mud with me

This morning there was a break in the weather so four Vespas went out for a day of training. In August we are attempting to do Sani Pass and the Roof of Africa on our Vespas in winter nogal. The pass connects South Africa to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho and in 9km km rises 800m. So you can see why we need the training. I left home 07:30 and along with Magda we headed for Hartebeespoortdam where we met up with Marlene and Charlie the other 2 Vespa riders. From here we traveled along the foot of the Magaliesberg along muddy roads and final traversed a rocky pass over the mountain then back again for a late lunch in Magalies. I have been all day in the saddle as I only arrived back home after 17:30.


F-Stop said...

Hey Jerome, is that you in the picture?
IF so then it "Hey HO Sophia".
What a pose :)

Jerome West said...

Yes that is me on Sophia doing our best to get through with as little mud on us as possible.

Sandor Oroszi said...

HAlf the fun is washing off the mud from places you couldn't imagine mud would go.
(F-Stop is Sandor, but I'll try to fix the pseudo).

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