Monday, 8 January 2018

My Heavy

Matthew had to go to Pretoria for a 2 week Maths course to prepare him for what lies ahead. The problem is this was not planned nor budgeted for so I had to arrange with my sister for Matthew to stay there for the 2 weeks. So off to Pretoria we drove, and the worst part is that Pretoria is at least 5° warmer than here and it is getting hotter.

It was early when we arrived, Theresa was not home yet from work but her husband Hans just arrived back from work. In Afrikaans they call my brother-in-law a swaar which directly translated means heavy. Don't know why heavy but that how it goes.

My mom is staying at my sister's place as she is up for a surgical operation but it is only scheduled for next week Monday, so Hans and I did a prisoner exchange. My mom came home with me while Matthew went straight with Jaen-Jurie to play games on the computer while we said bye to my heavy.

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