Sunday, 2 July 2017

Fransen Street

Since this past month we have been very busy, weekdays and weekends and suddenly today presented itself as a catch up on groceries day. So off we went to top up our grocery cupboard which was looking rather bare and not to forget our freezer.

Last week I was at a memorial service and one of my friends commented on my ill fitting suit, yes yes I know I have been putting on more weight than I would like but I didn’t or couldn’t do the jacket buttons, which is a problem. Being back in the malls presented itself as a perfect scouting expedition for some new threads that I could use for memorials, meetings, interviews, and not to forget a wedding.

Believe me it is impossible to find a suit that fits a perfect shape like mine, not possible but somehow I found one. To celebrate we ended up at the Brooklyn Brothers for a burger and a beer. Okay I know but who can resist a creamy ale such as Fransen Street.

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