Monday, 29 August 2016

Room 20

Somewhere in one of many places, I have the title deeds of my Vespa that I just sold but where for the life of me do I start looking. Anyway this means I have to go to the City of Joburg's Motor Vehicle Licencing Department to apply for a duplicate and as expected what a schlep it turned out to be.

I arrived there during my lunch time only to be turned back because I didn't have proof of address. Back to work and back again landed me sitting in a short queue outside Room 20 but the Room 20 was manned by 1 woman who hasn't had a break since she started in the morning and desperately needed a reprieve. Thankfully she pushed through and after an hour and a half I finally made it to position 1, next to go into Room 20 with now about six behind me also waiting. Talk about under staffed and I bet under paid too.

Gone are the days where they could simply print out a duplicate, now after all this rigmarole, I have to return in 2 and a half weeks from now to collect the duplicate. Yes it takes the City of Joburg, who proudly states that they are a World Class African City 2 and a half weeks to print a document off their records, go figure. I saw the records they are there in Room 20, my name is there on the screen stating that I am the owner and the title deed holder. World Class, my left foot.

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