Friday, 1 July 2016


Day three and still no electricity. Eskom’s call centre just escalated our problem for the umpteen time. The excuses we are hearing, no vehicles to go out to check. Time to protest and throw my toys out of the cot.

So I arrived at Lanseria Connections sector to start my sit as the supervisor Sydney Tshehla never answers his phone. Rose, at Lanseria was very helpful, she phoned the Dispatch to find out who was going to rectify our problem but they said that someone went out yesterday, but did not have the tools to fix the problem and simply left. The works order was on hold and no one was allocated to go out today.


Does this mean I would have to sit all weekend here until someone could go out to fix our no electricity problem? But Rose was resourceful and managed to find Thethela who was willing to go out and check what the problem was. So Thethela, arrived and saw that potential cable thieves had disconnected the main power lines from the transformer and with this insulated collabsable yellow fiberglass rod, Thethela simply reconnected us.

Three days without electricity and it took a few minutes and we were back on. What happened to the Eskom team who supposed to arrive on Day One just before 10pm? Why didn’t the Eskom team who arrived on Day Two at 11am, have the right tool to reconnect us? Why didn’t he drive 5km to the depot and fetch the right tool that he had somehow forgot? Many questions on the incompetency of Eskom arises yet bonuses are still being paid to the managers.

Three days without electricity, lost five tropical fish but a big thank you to Rose and Thethela who stopped three days becoming six days.

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