Saturday, 2 July 2016


After the three days of no electricity, our water tanks ran dry and now with the electricity back on, there seems to be a blockage somewhere as we have no hot water other than a trickle. Sigh, I am starting to give up.

Anyway let’s get my head back onto positive things. Who remembers Barbara Woodhouse and her calling “Walkies!” on her television series Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way?

Well in the weak winter sun Matthew calls “Walkies” and Podge, Maxy, Jade, and Minky come along for a walk. Tiger and Princess were a little reluctant after the Killer Jack Russell incidents that left two of my cats and an Italian Greyhound dead.

As you can see, Maxy and Minky both kept a wary eye out from where the killers could strike from but Matthew kept them safe on their short walk in the sun.

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