Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Check and double Check

Towards the end of last year Pick n Pay decided to mix all the shelving around at the Northgate Hype which made us swear never to shop there again as getting lost and never knowing where things are simple frustrated us so much.

Yesterday, months later we dared to venture into the Pick n Pay Hyper at Northgate only to throw our hands up in despair. The order of the shelving just confused us and on top of it all the price labelling of the items left a lot to be desired. Take the 6 pack of long life milk for example, the label used to have the total price plus the price per one litre which helped us find the bargains. Now the milk had the total price plus the price for the pack of 6 which duh is the same which helps no-one except the lazy price marker person. Then Clover milk had no price anywhere, nada, nothing. Now I know that Clover is on promotion at another Pick n Pay for a good price so instead of simple adding the Clover milk to the trolley, I had to cart the box of 6 over to a scanner a few rows away only to find that the Clover here was way overpriced, hence the price label missing, clever Pick n Pay.

The missing prices where all over the store and we struggled to shop wisely with all the price increases everywhere. Pick n Pay was not inspiring us at all. We had to triple check all the items that we put into our trolley. Take the Safari Sundried Cake Mix 500g was marked on the shelf as R25 something but on the scan it was R49 something, wow what a price difference. At the till we had to call the supervisor who changed the price on the till just to R25.00 straight. We feel that if we didn’t check Pick n Pay's prices, they would have gladly ripped us off.

Arriving home, we went through all our purchases again only to find that one slipped through the cracks, the frozen 1kg frozen vegetables which we were certain cost about R21 and on our slip it R31.49 so today I had to go back to Pick n Pay to check and then rectify the price difference. So Daniel shown above kindly helped me, the price was R21.90 on the label, it goes to show please check everything especially at Pick n Pay, inspired not.

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