Thursday, 3 March 2016

Dying Light

I use my Vespa GTS 300ie Super as my daily commute to work and back which is about 80km a round trip. The Vespa is reliable, economic and a breeze through traffic well that is until now.

This is the second time that Scarlet, that is what I call my red Vespa, has left me stranded at the side of the road. The first time was from a faulty fuel pump which packed up not long after I got the bike. It seems to be a design fault and there was a factory recall on the pumps but I can’t find anywhere that my Vespa had her’s recalled.

Now I find myself at the side of the road in the dying light of this day because I have been neglectful to poor Scarlet. I was supposed to have changed the belt and rollers last service but there was still plenty of life left in the belt so I made the call, mostly for financial reasons as these items can be very expensive.

Now over 32,000km a world record I assume, the drive belt simply disintegrated while I was on my way home. Normally the belt and rollers have to be changed at every 9,000km service and I think Scarlet might be still on her first belt and rollers that she had when she rolled out of the factory.

A Vespa is very reliable, economic and a breeze through traffic that is if you look after her. For economic reasons as I have failed Scarlet but she held onto her dignity for three times longer that she should have. And in the dying light, Scarlet still stands proud. She has not let me down as I have her.

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