Saturday, 5 December 2015

Flying Disc League

Matthew had a Flying Disc League tournament today, the Kings Cup in Benoni and we went to support him not knowing how the day would pan out.

We arrived at the at the Old Benonians Sport’s Club as Matthew was warming up with his team mates of FDL Benoni. Matthew enjoys playing in the FDL and I am just happy that he is getting off his computer and getting some social time out in the sun and fresh air.

Talk about sun, the day got hotter and hotter as it progressed and Matthew had play 4 games, luckily not all in a row as he had a rest gap between the 3rd and 4th game. Even though he enjoyed himself, Matthew was exhausted at the end of the day with all that running around that he had to do, even I was exhausted just watching but I think the heat of the day was getting to me.

The wind picked up and sadly our day ended in tragedy with the Attack of the Gazebo. The wind picked up a gazebo and sent it flying towards Lynda and her car which didn’t end well for both.


Gary said...

What where the final results?

Could you explain the rules of this game? Do you have a link to some organization website?

Pity you couldn't visit us in the afternoon as planned. I am sure Mathew would have appreciated a dip in the pool to cool off ;)

Jerome West said...

Sorry Gary I should have explained more. From what I understand the game has 6 per side with a min of 2 girls per side. The game seems very similar to basketball as once you got the disc you can't run but have 5 seconds to pass the disc to another player. If the disc hits the ground or intercepted, the opposing team then gets the disc. You score by a player catching the disc in the goal area and the person passing the disc to the goal scorer also gets acknowledged. Matthew's team came in 4th I think.

Yes maybe we should have come round for that dip in your pool.

Andre Schoonbee said...

How is lynda and her car doing. Hopefully not too much damage

Jerome West said...

Lynda's car has a long scratch on the roof but I am sure it can be polished out. Luckily it didn't go through the windscreen. As for her Lynda herself well that is another story. Her middle toe is black and swollen but she hopes it is not fractured. She is on heavy pain killers and is battling to walk but you should see the gazebo. She must have given it a karate chop while at the same time a death curdling scream as one of the legs is in two pieces.

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