Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ella’s Minion Extraordinaire

Ella has usually only pink items on her desk but somehow a minion appeared below her monitor. Uhmm has this tiny yellow minion dressed in dungarees managed to do what no one else has managed to do? And will we see many more minions joining this minion extraordinaire?

For those that heard the radio reports about me and a house that burnt down due to the City of Johannesburg’s EMS being on a Go Slow, yes it was me that they were quoting and no it wasn’t my house. Read the full story here about the Lanseria Fire that happened on Saturday.

To answer the questions, firstly we are all right, except for our neighbour who has lost everything. There are lots of “Why God, why?” and “What ifs”. Now I am not pertaining to be an expert in fires but in my humbly opinion, YES the main house could have been saved; IF the City of Johannesburg’s EMS wasn’t on a Go Slow; IF the City of Johannesburg Emergency Call Centre answered the calls sooner and when they did answer, didn’t put us on hold; IF the property’s top gate wasn’t locked and allowed the first responders, the Lanseria Fire Department, in sooner; IF the fire units arriving had enough water and the right equipment to deal a large house fire; IF only if.

Okay let me get this straight, I believe that we should pay all essential services well, that includes policemen, medics, nurses, teachers, and firemen/women. They are not minions of corrupt city officials, they are there to protect and serve the people so pay them a decent salary. And on the other hand they not allowed to go on strike or even a Go-Slow protest which resulted in a house burning down. Someone said our Emergency Medical Services are “kak stadig”. Oh dear, this is not how things are supposed to be. I remember a time when nurses, policemen, firemen were the heroes. What has happened to us?

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