Monday, 25 May 2015

The Fringe

When it gets very busy in the office, the thought of a photo a day sometimes nearly slips past without being noticed. Mondays for me have always been one of those demanding times when the boss’s blog post has get out error free. Stressful times but I think the team handles it well.

Home time has somehow crept up on me unannounced and I hadn’t any idea of what photo would represent today that was until I saw Ilana’s fringe across her eyes as she did creative stuff. Ahhh these right brain peoples of eKayaMedia. I like balance in my life, a bit of expressiveness, a dash of creativity, a pinch of rationale, a sprinkle of colour, and a little slice of stats just spice things up a bit is all what my brain needs. I must be on the fringe of society, uhmmm, oh well.

Order! I say order, everything must be in its messy place that only I know where they are.

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