Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Blur

I awoke from a deep drug induced sleep with my eyes still glued shut with two cats on my bed. CATS ON MY BED? Too weak to push them off! I sit up and wobbly stand up. I shuffle to the toilet half asleep. Then to the kitchen, COFFEE! Back to bed.

Waking up slowly, sipping the elixir of the gods, coffee. I started browsing through my phone. Messages; Facebook; Hangouts; Gmail; and WhatsApp. Take todays photo, turn to take my medicine and then put my head back down on a you indented pillow. I close my eyes. Dream of a far away place where I am king of my castle where you the princess needs rescuing from the dragon called the flu.

The day becomes a blur as the dragon cats, Tiger and Princess snuggle on my bed.

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