Sunday, 31 May 2015

As Long As You Remember Sabrina

It is a sad day as one of our cats, Sabrina, finally crossed the rainbow bridge as Lynda comforted her in her last hours with us.

Sabrina was about 14 years old and by being an all-white cat she had contracted cancer on her ears quite some time ago from lying in the sun too often. But now she can run free, chase the butterflies, and afterwards sleep on an angel’s lap purring.

Every time we lose a pet, they take a piece of our hearts with them, and a big piece of Lynda’s heart is now gone, so Lynda here is a poem by Raffaella D’Ambrosio.

As long as you remember me, my memory will live on.
My spirit will be there with you at every breaking dawn.
I’ll sing to you through birds in spring and whisper through the trees,
I’ll bring you gentle comfort with a warm, caressing breeze.

As long as you remember me, my love will fill your heart
and help to ease the sorry that you feel while we’re apart.
With thoughts of me, perhaps you’ll see the wonder of each day,
the joy of sunlit afternoons, and the nature’s grand display.

As long as you remember me, I always will be near,
to lend you sweet tranquillity as night time stars appear.
The bond that we have shared will be a link from me to you
to give you hope for brighter days and the strength to see you through.

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