Thursday, 26 February 2015

Raining Indoors

Help! It is raining indoors. Yes it is starting to drip from the ceiling of Velie’s office from different places including the ceiling spotlights. Yesterday the air-conditioning people replaced the air-conditioner in the New Media office and where working in the ceiling but not over Velile’s office surely not.

Although Velile phoned maintenance to report this new weather phenomenon, he was concerned so to counter the indoor rain he opened up an umbrella while waiting for a maintenance team to source the leak and start the repairs.

While the weather happening in the office next door, on a side note for all those following the mishaps of my Italian Greyhounds, Maxy and Jade, it is not raining everywhere. Today both got their stitches removed and thank goodness all is looking good, much to the relief of my bank manager.

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