Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Jade and her Daddy

The bad news is Jade’s broken bones don’t want to align so now the best bet is for Jade to go to a specialist and get a plate fitted but the costs are too prohibitive for us. My next choice was for Lammermoor Veterinary Clinic to put a pin in. This is also expensive but more affordable than going to the specialist. The pin option will take much longer to heal and many trips back to the hospital to change the dressings. Jade is a lively dog so it is going to be one difficult road to travel down.

So tomorrow morning is Jade’s operation, knowing this it was hard for me to put her back into her hospital cage but I know that she will be in good hands. We are asking all my friends for prayers, so that the surgeon’s hands would be guided, the surgery would be successful, and for Jade’s leg to heal perfectly.

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