Friday, 27 February 2015

Craig’s End is Near

One of my good friends, Craig is getting married tomorrow to Necia and quite a lot of us did the track down to Durban for the wedding. We took a few days leave from work to make a bit of a long weekend out of it. So today we did the slow drive down to Durban.

And then there was the stag night that nearly wasn’t.

Exit the Vulcan. News of the passing of Leonard Nimoy spread like wild fire. Live long and Prosper, that you did Mr Spock, that you did. At 83 Mr Spock was beamed up one last time but will forever live long and prosper in our minds.

But that is not the end for our beloved Mr Spock but it is the end for Craig. The end of life as he knows it. Tomorrow he puts a ring on it. Craig’s last night of freedom was set to happen at 7:30 for 8pm in Umhlanga so I arrived early and killed off a few Ingress portals as one does when one arrives at a location filled with green slime.

Craig’s in game Ingress name is CraigN hence the hash tag of his end is #atcraigsend and the name of this post Craig’s End. In keeping with this theme Craig decided to arrive late for his own end. Rather late than never but I mean after 9pm, well that was pushing the norms. Anyway, we started at The George, a busy pub in Umhlanga with not much space which had many patrons spilling over onto the street sidewalk. Nice atmosphere but crowded and as you can see Jonathan had arraigned to the best traditions of a Batchelor’s Party or Stag Night to dress Craig up appropriately.

Later we meandered over to Hooters, now this is the other disappointment of the evening. The first of Leonard Nimoy and the other was well Hooters. I have never been to a Hooters before and when we first read on the itinerary that we were going to end up at Hooters I had to convince Lynda that Hooters was not a den of iniquity as it is portrayed to be. And how close to the truth it turned out to be which was the big let down. Hooters turned out to be just a clean pub, no food as kitchen was closed, and where I pray was all the eye candy of the make believe waitresses in skimpy tops and tight shorts? At least Lynda, Anika, and Necia would be pleased.

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