Sunday, 15 February 2015

Cosmic Valentine

Driving along the back roads, taking Matthew back, through all the farmlands with vegetables and mielies (aka corn) growing, I could up help but admire the beauty of it all. Yesterday was the way too commercialised Valentine’s Day, and today the beauty of creation just coming together in a Cosmic Valentine.

Although the long summer days are in full heat wave with refreshing afternoon storms, early signs that winter is coming are felt in the renewed freshness of the mornings and seen in the colourful cosmos winter flowers that are starting to sprinkle colour amongst the brown grass alongside the country roads. Ahh Africa, a place of beauty and contrast.

The sun was setting, when I stopped on my way back home to admire the beauty of the cosmos in the last light of the day while the mielies beckoned me to come closer. Wake up Jerome, and smell the cosmos.

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