Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Vespa Woes Continue

While Scarlet, my red Vespa GTS 300ie Super is getting repaired, I decided to use Anastasiya, my black hybrid Vespa ET8/LX150. It underwent a major service four months ago and she has been parking ever since. I tried to start her up over the weekend but cobwebs had crept in. So after topping her up with fuel and charging her battery, she started first turn this morning, typical Vespa loves to tease but reliable every time, as if to say why did you doubt.

Anastasiya got a quick little wash to get 4 months of dust off her but the Vespa woes soon return, as I discovered that the rear tyre was just about flat, so I had to limp poor Anastasiya to the garage to pump her enthusiasm back up. Riding her doesn’t quite feel the same as Scarlet has sure spoilt me with performance.

But arriving at work I saw that the rear tyre was covered with oil, after my initial investigation I discover oil leaking from the gearbox area. Not sure what to make of it I phoned Vespa South Africa for help. Louw answered and soon calmed me down. A few hours later the Vespa Mobile Service van arrived at my work and loaded Anastasiya into the back for a ride back to Vespa Service Centre based in Wynburg just outside Sandton. A good finish after a bad start to my morning, brownie points for Vespa is needed here.

I am not sure what has gone wrong with Anastasiya as it hasn’t been over 100km since the major service.

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